• In the first webinar, we learned the basics of DEM. Now it's time to find out everything about the practical parts, from the material inputs to advanced models.

    In this second lesson, we we’ll look at Discrete Element fundamentals: material modelling, calibration, physics accuracy, and experiments insights.

    You will discover how Discrete Element Method can revolutionize your processes, all thanks to the calculation of the most advanced formulas that only Rocky DEM can provide.

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    This webinar will cover:

    • What inputs are needed?
    • Material Calibration
    • How to improve Accuracy and Performance?
    • Extracting data
    • Advanced models


    Our DEM Series will be presented in 3 webinars.

    1 - What is Discrete Element Method?
    2 - DEM Fundamentals
    3 - Multiphysics - November 22nd


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