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Analyzing Mixer Design using Rocky DEM

Learn more about how particle simulation software can help you test and improve Mixer Design

Mixing and blending operations are performed in nearly every industry including agriculture, plastics, chemicals, metallurgy, food and pharmaceuticals. The primary goal is to mix the materials to a desired consistency. The many post-processing tools included in Rocky DEM can provide you with the necessary information to determine when this mixing end point is reached in your design process.

In addition, insights into the mixing process, such as zones of high mixing and dead zones within the mixer can be visualized using Rocky DEM, which can aid in optimizing the mixer performance. The comprehensive post-processing capabilities included in Rocky DEM will be demonstrated in this webinar, helping you to work towards more efficient mixers and identify better mixer designs.


    • Problem and Geometry Descriptions using SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
    • Rocky Setup, including:

- Geometry Importation

- Particle Importation

- Materials & Particles Creation

- Solver

  • Case Analysis
  • Geometry Improvement

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