How we are coping with the COVID-19

We are closely monitoring the situation of the COVID-19 with the proper authorities and taking the necessary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and partners.


Our team is operating online for an indefinite period. In order to ensure the continuation of our work and that of clients, resources have been adapted in the most suitable way to maintain support for everyone:


• Our team is maintaining its activities through Home-office.


• Scheduled meetings are being held online.


• In-person events are also being transferred online.


• Our sales team is available for meetings and presentations remotely.


• Remote Technical Support is normally available through this link.


• Financial Assistance via telephone and email remains unaltered within weekly working hours. 


Our goal is to avoid any interruptions in the service while putting everyone’s health first.


We hope this situation resolves as soon as possible and with the least possible impact.


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