How we are coping with the COVID-19

With government authorities loosening coronavirus restrictions, we began our plan to gradually resume our activities in offices, while following health, hygiene, and social distance recommendations. In order to guarantee the continuity of our work with customers and partners, in addition to remote services, our team will work in or visit offices in person when necessary, starting in October.

To promote safety and health and to support our employees and customers, we have adjusted our operations.

• Our sales team remains available for remote and in-person meetings and presentations.


• Remote technical support continues to function normally through our system.


• We will keep our events remote and online indefinitely in order to follow social distancing guidelines.

• Financial assistance will continue to be available over phone and e-mail during standard business hours.

• Our team will continue to work partly from home, returning gradually and on alternate days to our offices.


We hope this situation will be solved as soon as possible and with the least possible impact.

We remain focused and confident that together we will overcome the current adversities.


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