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Bulk Material Handling Applications

Learn more about optimizing transport equipment for Bulk Material Handling Applications

Environmental conditions, equipment design, and material composition can affect the performance of bulk material handling equipment. Transport equipment such as conveyors, hoppers, and chutes can be optimized by simulating real-world conditions, analyzing the resulting material flow, and adjusting the designs accordingly. To help explain how this is accomplished, Rocky DEM, Inc. and Kotchergenko Engineering offer the Webinar Optimizing Transport Equipment for Bulk Material Handling Applications.

Knowing the bulk material behavior enables engineers to predict flow problems in the early stages of equipment design, reducing the risk of problems being detected after the operation starts. With specific experimental tests, it is possible to identify the characteristics of the materials and simulate their static and dynamic behaviors using CAE tools, like Rocky DEM. In this webinar, you will learn how DEM simulations can help you reproduce real-world material flow problems as well as test different design solutions for bulk material handling equipment.

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