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Purdue University Investigates Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Variability

How can you improve the overall pharmaceutical coating process? Purdue University used Rocky DEM's polyhedral elements to model particle shapes and breakage.

IMS uses Rocky DEM to optimize Mining Equipment Design

Manufacturers need tablets to be evenly coated in the manufacturing process, but variability during actual production is a risk. Purdue University used Rocky DEM to improve the coating process, which in turn can improve overall product quality in the pharmaceutical industry. Rocky DEM was the better simulation choice because it uses polyhedral elements for modeling the particle shapes and breakage, which are important for predicting the accurate dynamic behavior of a bulk material.

Purdue University used Rocky DEM to:

- Identify how scale-up affects complex tablet dynamics in a coating pan
- Identify intra-tablet coating variability
- Improve pharmaceutical industry processes related to spray-coating tablets

Discover how Rocky DEM helped Purdue University:

- Determine exposure time of each tablet’s surface area elements in a simulated spray
- Gain insight into how tablet mixing affects spray coating
- Reduce the time needed to complete complex simulations

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