• Overview

    Join us for a free, half-day, hands-on training session and learn how Kraken allows users to improve their productivity through:

    - Compatibility with all major reservoir simulators (commercial and in-house)

    - Enhancing reservoir data management by combining field and simulated data

    - Powerful data inspection and post-processing capabilities

    - Automating report generation

    - A dedicated API for scripting and workflow automation

    Course Outcome

    Learn how Kraken can enhance Reservoir Management productivity through easy-to-use post-processing and more advanced scripting capabilities. Benefit from powerful 3D visualization, easy creation of 2D plots, reservoir grid manipulation, and learn how to create a Python script integrated into the Kraken environment to perform Decline Curve Analysis.

    Who Should Attend?

    Petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, and technical managers working with reservoir management interested in higher productivity with a modern user-friendly application.


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