• Get ready for our DEM Series. In this first webinar, we will look at aspects of Discrete Element Method.

    DEM is a first principle numerical technique that models the interaction of individual particles with other particles and boundaries to predict the behavior of bulk solids. Today DEM is becoming widely accepted as an effective way to solve engineering problems across many industries that deal with granular flows, ranging from fine powder to large rocks.

    Register to this webinar to learn more about DEM and how it might be useful in your application.

    This webinar will cover:

    • The definition of DEM, bulk solids
    • Origin
    • Basic DEM algorithms
    • Differentiation with continuum methods
    • Common Applications


    Our DEM Series will be presented in 3 webinars:

    1 - What is Discrete Element Method? - September 27th
    2 - Advanced Models of DEM - October 25th
    3 - Multiphysics - November 22nd


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