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Improving Performance in Mining Equipment and Processes

Learn how you can optimize your mining equipment with simulation softwares.

A major challenge for the mining industry is to develop highly efficient equipment with built-in low maintenance costs, especially those related to wear and raw material waste.

In this webinar, learn how Rocky DEM software can be used to achieve critical R&D targets, such as significant cost reductions and product/process development improvements — essentially, making mining equipment more efficient. The webinar includes information about various equipment, such as screens, mills, crushers and chutes, along with details about Rocky DEM and ANSYS® coupling.


  • Why use DEM to optimize equipment
  • Typical mining equipment and R&D goals
  • Equipment design considerations
  • Simulation set-up considerations
  • Processing methodology
  • Structural optimization coupling Rocky DEM and ANSYS Mechanical™
  • Coupling Rocky DEM with ANSYS Fluent® (CFD)

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